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Online Board Meetings Benefits

Online Board Meetings Benefits


Online Board Meetings Benefits

Teleconferences have become more commonplace as companies make the transition to working from home for a long time after the pandemic. While the convenience of virtual meetings is an obvious benefit, there are few challenges to consider before making the switch.

A lower level of engagement: Going remote might be a little daunting for those who are not used to communicating online, leading to a decrease in participation at the meeting. This can delay the progress of the board or derail its agenda.

It is sometimes difficult to read the body language and facial expressions during a virtual discussion which can cause confusion. Eye contact issues can make directors feel less at ease and listeners who are passive. This is not good for the boardroom.

The board portal can be used to help improve these problems. A board management tool that includes a secure video conferencing feature for instance makes it simple to keep track of and archive important documents. Directors can access documents and minutes from any device at any time.

It’s also a good idea to ensure that the meeting space is clean and free of distractions. For instance the meeting shouldn’t take place during meal times and everyone should turn off their phones when they are not speaking to prevent background noise. The chair should be able observe all attendees in camera and encourage participants to use their microphones only if necessary to prevent everyone from talking simultaneously.

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