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4 Best Antennas For Mofi4500 Signal Strength (July 2024)

Best Antenna for Mofi4500

Antenna for mofi4500

Antennas have evolved significantly in the last decade, and so has our dependence on Wi-Fi.

If you want to indulge in browsing the net and playing video games at a reasonable speed from any part of your country, getting a good quality antenna must be your utmost priority.

We bring you the top picks that we have reviewed after extensive research. Along with that, we also give you some important advice that will help you select the right antenna for your router.

No matter what your requirements are, consult our round-up of the best antenna for mofi4500 and you’re guaranteed to find one that serves your purpose.

Go ahead and give it a read!


Top 4 Antenna For Mofi4500 Reviews

This section of the article discusses the features of different antennas that are available in a range of sizes. Here are our specialized reviews that can prove to be useful to you:

1. Maxmostcom Mofi4500 Yagi Antenna

maxmostcom mofi4500 yagi antenna

Is the reception weak and slow where you live? We present to you Maxmostcom’s Yagi Antenna, which is efficient in boosting signal waves and increasing the speed of data transfer.

The external wide band log’s job is to detect a signal from the cell tower and then send it to an amplifier or mobile phone through a 30 feet cable.

Using this antenna will drastically improve your signal strength, so you can stream videos and browse on the internet as long as you want. This antenna has a gain of 11 dBi.

And as we know, the lower the dBi, the stronger the signal, which implies that this one has plenty of signal power.

It is the best at automatically sensing the provider settings you have selected in order to optimize for the fastest speed. Therefore, if you are an avid gamer who plays X-box or PlayStation, this antenna has a lot to offer. Furthermore, you will no longer experience dropped calls or unreliable internet.

Whether you’re camping in the woods or living in a remote area, this log antenna allows you to switch bands, intending to raise the speed. Even when there is network traffic, it will not come in the way of your gaming.

Confused about how to connect it to your Wi-Fi router? The antenna has an adapter for MOFI MOFI4500 cellular 4G LTE routers that you can connect. Most people get 2 of these antennas for better network connection.

The installation process is swift and easy; anyone can manage it. You need an LMR220 along with an adapter, FME, and SMA connectors. There is a slim chance that the antenna might tilt a little bit since you are given only have 1 U-bolt to insert on the mounting bracket.


  • Boosts signal even in isolated areas
  • Switching between bands is allowed
  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Easy to install


  • Comes with only 1 U-bolt

2. Wideant2-X Dual Antenna For Mofi4500

wideant2 x dual antenna

What’s better than one antenna? You guessed it, a set that contains two antennas! Each of them is independent of one another as one is polarized at +45 degrees and the other at -45 degrees.

It also comprises the dual-to-single antenna, a 30 ft dual coaxial cable, and a adapter.

It is ideal for areas that have undesirable and unreliable weather conditions because it’s effective at providing signals even in those situations.

This is because it is constructed of anti-UV and high-grade ABS plastic.

We highly recommend you to install it near the window or outdoors on a pole. The higher you set it up, the better and faster speed you will get.

It has been engineered for direct connection to MoFi network MoFi4500-4GXeLTE routers.

So if you own that, this will be the perfect addition to it! All the frequency, bandwidths, and modes of operations will go hand in hand. This antenna, in particular, has a frequency that varies from 700 to 3800 MHz.

With a peak gain of 18dBi (might vary), a horizontal aperture of 45°, and a vertical aperture of 40°, this fully enclosed, the ultra-linear antenna can put an end to all your poor network struggles.

The gain in dBi depends on where it is installed, which is why we suggested you to locate it at a high place.

If you have a 4G network, then you’re all set to use this antenna. However, some people complained about the inconsistency in the connection.

This is only an issue if you live in remote locations. Other than that, the bandwidth and throughput are combined to ensure that your data is delivered successfully over a short period of time.


  • Ideal for bad weather conditions
  • Viable with any 4G LTE routers
  • Large frequency range
  • Consists of two antennas for better signal coverage


  • Stability is inconsistent

3. Netgear Mimo Antenna For 3G/4G Aircard USB Modems & Mobile Hotspots

netgear mimo antenna

Looking for an antenna that can be used both indoors and outdoors? Netgear Mimo Antenna is portable, which gives you the chance to place it anywhere you want.

Whether you’re on an unknown island, cycling in the park, or hiking on the hills, this antenna will be your perfect companion.

This product has a frequency that ranges from 700 MHz to 2600 MHz and also offers an array of frequency bands.

Hence why, if you are in an area where you do not get good signal strength over a certain period of time, then opt for this antenna as it will increase your speed.

The length of the cable is one meter, so there will be minimal signal loss and more coverage. It comes with 2 TS-9 connectors, which are coaxial connectors in 3G or 4G broadband modems that support external antennas.

They allow you to plug the antenna into the mobile hotspot without the need for adapters.

In addition to this, it will give you a gain of up to 2.5 dBi. It significantly augments your cell phone’s broadband network. Despite having so many fantastic features, it is still has a low price point.

On the other hand, due to the small length, you need to remain close to it in order to get a good connection.

Make sure that the sun does not overheat or rain water does not reach the antenna because that can have detrimental effects.

Where will you place it? Bear in mind that you need to station it where you will receive detectable signals.

Placing in the wrong place completely defies the point of having an antenna in the first place. It is much easier and simple to install this than an antenna that is set up on roofs.


  • Minimal signal loss
  • TS-9 connectors eliminate the need for adapters
  • Portable and usable anywhere
  • Simple to install
  • Reasonable price


  • Need to be in close proximity to the antenna

4. Protronix 2DBI Antenna for WiFi Router

protronix 2dbi antenna for wifi router

Last but not least, we have included an antenna that is suitable for wireless card or router. It contains an RP-SMA connector, which is essentially a female connector with a male pin at the center.

It is proficient in preventing any untrustworthy connection from getting in the way, thereby increasing the range.

Accordingly, the frequency range of 2.4GHz to 5GHz is quite large. Its unique feature is that it is omni-directional, which means that you don’t have to set it up in a specified direction for getting good reception.

Moreover, there is no supplementary software; thus, it eliminates the complicacy of dealing with technicalities.

The polarization impedance is at 50 ohms, so you already get protection from a lightning strike.

But we still recommend you to use this antenna indoors, close to the window, if possible. The gain is above 2 dBi, and the frequency range is between 2.5 GHz to 5GHz.

At 4.25 inches, the length of this antenna is shorter than typical ones. It is compatible with almost all routers and wireless desktop cards.

As the antenna can send and receive WiFi from all directions, it can expand its signal strength broadly.

No need to worry about installation either. It is a simplified process where you just insert the antenna into your router or any other device, and you will instantly experience a boosted signal.

However, the antenna can be tough to move, but that is definitely not a deal-breaker. This is understandable as the antenna needs to be strong to perform its functions in its entirety.


  • Compatible with almost all routers
  • Omni-directional so modifies with all directions
  • Great reception even 90 feet away from the Wi-Fi
  • Straightforward installation process


  • Little bit stiff

Frequently Asked Questions

It is quite natural that you might have some questions and concerns regarding antennas while deciding which one to opt for.

Look through the next series of some organized FAQs to find your answers.

1. How Do I know if a Mofi4500 Antenna Will Work in My Area?

You won’t know until you try! When all the cables are connected, walk around your home or office with the MOFI router to find out where signal strength is the highest. 

2. What Range Antenna Do I Get?

It depends on a number of factors such as how high the antenna is installed, the gain and transmits the power of the antenna. Just keep in mind that as long as the antenna is visible to the mobile unit, then the signal will be strong enough.

3. What is the Gain?

Gain is the resultant effect of the addition of extra dipoles or other elements on the antenna. It determines how much or how less radiation will be sent in one direction.

4. What Else do I Need to Buy Besides the Antenna?

We suggest you purchase a good quality main cable, pigtail cable, and lightning arrestor. The latter will protect your MOFI in case there is a lightning strike. And the cables ensure that you have good signal strength at all times.

5. Is it Necessary to Get a Large Antenna?

The larger the antenna, the more features it provides. Additionally, it will have a much better dBi gain and frequency range, so it can pick up the signal from stations that are far away.

6. How Can we Get a Better Signal on Our MOFI4500 Wireless Router?

There are a couple of things that can solve this problem. First of all, move the router towards your window, get 2 antennas (external Omni-directional, panel, or yagi antennas) but try to get shorter ones and lastly, get a better quality modem if everything else fails.

7. Will an Amplifier Help?

It depends. An amplifier boosts signal strength but if it is too high, it may intercept with receptions. When you have a weak signal, an amplifier can help increase the signal-to-noise ratio in order to block the reception.

8. Does a Longer Cable Mean Better Signal Strength?

If a long antenna cable lets you reach the window facing the transmitter then you should use it. However, the unnecessary use of a long cable can reduce the signal strength slightly.

9. What do Passive and Active Mean?

An active antenna has an amplifier that increases the gain, whereas a passive antenna has no amplifier.

Final Words

Do buying technological gadgets get stressful for you? Now that you are well-equipped with all the information about the best antenna for mofi4500, you should face no issues to form a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

Get an antenna today and surf the net hassle-free.

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  1. I recently purchased an omni directional exterior antenna to us with my mofi4500. It came with a short cable wip with 1 female sma connector. Do I need a splitting adapter or do I only replace one of the two interior paddle antennas that came on the mofi4500?

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