What Does Volatility Mean in Slots: Low vs High Volatility Slot Machines

A single symbol is selected each spin and is on the reels in generous enough quantities for line hits to be regularly featured. It is so because with highly or extremely volatile slots, a big portion of RTP (Return to Player) is given to big or very big winnings. Software developers also offer a dedicated “Help” section with more information on the set, its volatility included. The three volatility options, i.e., high, medium, and low, are used as descriptions by gaming companies to denote the variation of each game. Players sometimes must refer to the game provider’s official page to get this information. There is no exact way to tell you which slot volatility you should go for because each has its advantages and disadvantages.

  • You will never know if a big win will come, as it depends solely and exclusively on the RNG (random number generator).
  • These slots are preferred by users who have big bankrolls and have enough time and patience to chase after the jackpot prize.
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  • High volatility games feature less frequent winning combinations but higher prize money.
  • Even if you do win, the prize may be less than the amount you bet.

Best high volatility slots are only suitable for players with a thick wallet, as rewards are much higher than of other slots, but come rarely when you least expect them. Highly volatile casino slots, typically offer https://bloodsuckers-slot.com/fr/ better payouts, but winning combinations tend to occur much less frequently. Let me first show you a low volatility slot machine by starting with €100 and betting €1.00 per spin for a session of up to 500 spins.

How to know the Volatility Level of a slot game?

Slot volatility simply mean how a person is going to end a playing session. It also influences how much a player would win once the game gets over. The levels are usually referred to as low, medium, and finally high.

What Does Volatility Mean in Slots: Low vs. High Volatility Slot Machines

Most online casinos and their slot games which are recommended at mensjournal.com  offer all three types and combinations of them. But, let’s see how to determine which one suits you based on volatility. However, one of the main advantages of playing low-volatility slot machines is that you won’t have to wait as long between winning combinations. This means you can spend more time playing without having to worry about taking a break. On the other hand, low-variance slots rarely offer any big wins, which can be a letdown if you’re hoping to make a lot of money.

Slot Variance – FAQ

Bonuses are featured in varying frequencies, and the more bonus features included, the lower hit frequency you can expect. The first thing you need to do when checking a game’s volatility is to inspect the paytable. Each winning combination corresponds to a specific winning value, which may or may not be dynamic depending on your bets’ value. Usually, slots with lesser payout value have a higher frequency of winning combinations, while higher payouts would mean very few and far between winning combinations. However, they also add volatility to the game and higher risk to the players.

On the other hand, high variance games require patience and higher capital, but one jackpot is all you need. It gives you an understanding of what to expect and, if necessary, how to switch things up. Keep this in mind when you play at recommended online slots sites such as 888Casino and LuckyLand Slots, the latter of which is a Social Casino site which means you can play for free. From mobile slots to multipliers, multi-pay line slots, mega slots and progressive slots, players have virtually endless choices.

While playing low volatility slots, if you make 25% more than the amount that you started with, then you have done pretty well. In simple language, low volatility slots are those that will give you frequent pay and are considered to be the highest return to pay (RTP) slots. The pay-outs that you will be getting will be generally small; however, they can occur after every five spin or so. The rewards that you will get in low volatility slots game are usually that which lets you keep playing. And if you can earn decent enough, you will end up making the money that you initially started with. Now low volatility slots do pay you well, but the jackpots that you get to win are quite low in terms of high volatility slots.

Slot Volatility: The Basics

Through the volatility, you can see how massive or how tiny the prizes and jackpots are going to be. As you can already guess they come in three standard shapes and sizes. They are low volatility, high volatility, ad of course medium volatility slot machines.

Bonuses come in different frequencies, i.e., the more bonus features a game has, the lower its hit frequency will be. Slot games that have a medium to a high level of volatility are the most popular. These machines offer large payouts and a higher frequency of wins, making them more similar to high-variance slots than those with medium volatility.

Both volatility and RTP are essential things to consider before playing a slot game, but they’re not the same. What type of slot would you like to go ahead with will mostly depend on the kind of outcome you are going for! Along with that, another factor that will affect your choice is how much you can afford. After all, the players would like to double the money they currently have. If you decide to play for real money, make sure that you do not play more than you can afford losing. Always choose safe online casinos licensed in your jurisdiction. To understand slot volatility better, let’s try to answer some of your frequently asked questions.

Those who prefer this level of slot volatility are not opposed to taking some risks. However, they don’t want to spend significant periods of time without seeing any returns. You should see a noticeable win coming after every 20 spins. This slot is ideal for those who have enough budget to keep on playing the blood suckers slot game. Piggy Riches is an excellent example of the medium volatility slot game. Sometimes this type of slot can become quite frustrating because it is just in the middle. It’s crucial to know actually what does volatility mean in slots in order to pick the game most suitable to your style and personality.

Volatility as a slot machine term relates to how wild the swings can be on a machine. A lower volatility slot machine will tend to pay more frequently, and have smaller pays as a rule. A higher volatility slot machine will tend to pay less frequently, but have bigger pays when it does as a rule. Doug is a passionate Slot fan and an expert in the gaming industry and has written extensively about online slot games and various other related information pertaining to online slots. In his spare time, he enjoys time with friends and family, reading, travelling, and of course, playing the slots. What slot volatility mean in slots refers to the risk involved in playing the game. Finding out the volatility level of slot machines allows players to select games that match their betting requirements and goals.

As a general rule, it’s best to determine your bet size based on your bankroll and stick to that, regardless of a game’s volatility. The counterpoint to lower payout frequencies is that, once you do hit a win, the average value is higher than it is for other types of slot game. So, what we can say is that high volatility slots don’t pay out very often but, when they do, the prizes are usually bigger than your bet (i.e. a greater than 100% return). By understanding slot volatility and how it affects your gameplay, you can make informed choices about which games to play and how to manage your bankroll. Whether you prefer the frequent wins of low volatility slots or the thrilling highs of high volatility games, always play responsibly and have fun.

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