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5 Best Antenna for BaoFeng in 2022 : (Reviews & Buying Guide)

5 Best Antenna for BaoFeng in 2022

baofeng antenna

BaoFeng radios are robust devices that offer strong and reliable communication where other electric transmissions fail.

They were phenomenal before the high-tech equipment entered the market and remain popular to this day.

You’ve probably bought yourself a BaoFeng radio after getting all excited, but it can’t seem to deliver the expected performance.

So, you’re left to wonder what the fuss was all about! Well, don’t jump the gun and put all the blame on the device itself! Chances are, the stock antenna is what’s limiting its performance.

The best antenna for BaoFeng can get you out of this predicament and significantly improve the reception and transmission power of your radio.

And we’ve got the perfect recommendations for you!


Why Should You Buy an Antenna for Baofeng?

The stock antenna that comes with your BaoFeng radio might not be able to deliver the performance you’re looking for.

It’s kind of short and not as powerful. The antenna is responsible for transmitting, receiving, and picking up the signals. If it’s not good enough, there is only so much the poor radio device can do.

Instead of thinking of purchasing a more expensive radio, consider getting a better antenna.

That is likely to bring considerable improvements to your situation without costing a fortune. Antennas are essential. Even high-end smartphones have them!

Increased Range

When you switch to a larger and better antenna from the short stock antenna, you will start to notice the changes quickly.

Your radio’s range will increase to a great extent. The signals will be much clearer, and the noises will be significantly reduced. As a result, you’ll get to communicate clearly with just about anyone.

If you want even more coverage, you can simply install an even larger antenna that is designed for offering long-range communication.

This way, you won’t have to spend a lot of dollars on buying newer devices. However, you’d have to compromise the portability.


Fortunately, there are all kinds of antennas designed for BaoFeng radios, so you’re likely to find the one that suits your needs the most.

It won’t be easy but don’t worry, as we’re here to help you out with our expert recommendations!


So, the next time your radio is underperforming, try buying a high-quality antenna that is sure to offer reliable performance.

It can make all the difference and save you a lot of money. With the best antenna for UV-5R or other BaoFeng models, you’ll have a seamless communication experience!

Top 5 Antenna for BaoFeng Reviews

Check out our top 5 antennas for BaoFeng. You will find their key features, pros, and cons, along with everything you need to know about them.

1. Authentic Genuine NAGOYA NA-771 Btech Antenna

authentic genuine nagoya na 771 btech antenna

Let’s start with an Antenna made especially for outdoor use. NAGOYA is a top-rated manufacturer of high-quality antennas.

They offer a wide range of products, and among them, the NAGOYA NA-771 is one of the best! It’s tested to meet the highest standards, so you can’t go wrong with this one. 

Being almost 16-inches in length, it’s perfect for long-range communication.

It’s capable of picking up far away signals and transmitting your signals to greater distances. Besides, this model will boost the low signals so that you can hear them clearly.

So, when you’re out camping in a remote area, a couple of miles away from civilization, it will make sure you’re never out of the range of communication.

Featuring 2.5 dBi gain, this thing offers flawless conversion of the radio waves. You will be awestruck by the improvement it provides over the stock antenna!

The antenna is made to be soft and flexible, so it’s capable of withstanding more roughness, making it extra-durable!

Furthermore, this unit comes with a rubber spacer and an extended antenna cover for offering superior protection from damaging elements. So, you’ll get to carry it around safely.

This one is highly compatible with all the BaoFeng models, so you can feel free to get them. It’s easy to install and use, so you can set it up right away.

Wherever you go, it will make sure you enjoy uninterrupted, clear, and noise-free transmission. This item completely supports UHF and VHF bands, so it’s quite versatile as well.


  • Designed for offering enhanced long-distance communication
  • Capable of boosting weak signals and ensures reliable transmission
  • Soft and flexible antenna makes it more durable and long-lasting
  • Offers significantly better performance than the stock antennas


  • Storing might be difficult due to its longer length

2. ExpertPower XP-669 Dual Band SMA-F Antenna

expertpower xp 669 dual band sma f antenna

The ExpertPower XP-669 has quite a reputation among satisfied users.

It’s got tons of positive reviews, and you’d be quick to understand why once you start using this one. A bit shorter than the previous one, it offers excellent portability while enhancing the radio’s transmission performance!

This model is designed to fit BaoFeng radios perfectly. It sits at the bottom firmly without leaving any gap.

So, this antenna protects your device by preventing the damaging elements from finding their way into it. You’d have no issues with the compatibility at all!

With solid construction, this item is incredibly durable.

The solid plastic cap at the end is far better than the rubber ones you find on most whip antennas. Thanks to the textured base, it’s easier to install and remove.

Being only 7.5-inches in size, you will have it more comfortable to carry this thing around or store it inside your backpack.

Depending on the obstacles, this product can provide exemplary long-range performance, going as far as 10kms!

It will pick up weaker signals and boost them so that you can hear everything with crisp-clear quality. You won’t have to struggle to decipher the noisy signals anymore.

Besides, any signal that you transmit will be just as clear and noise-free so that the communication is flawless on both ends.

Featuring dual-bands, this antenna will send the waves to the difficult to reach areas without any problem. It’s far better than any stock antenna, and best of all, it’s astoundingly affordable!


  • Designed to fit BaoFeng radio models perfectly
  • Built to be exceptionally tough and protects the radio device
  • Boosts the signals to ensure flawless communication
  • Super-easy to install and remove due to the textured base
  • Comes with a highly affordable price tag


  • It’s kind of heavy compared to the others

3. ABBREE SMA-Female Dual Band Antenna

abbree sma female dual band antenna

When you want extensive coverage, look no further than the ABBREE SMA-Female antenna.

Designed for outdoor and camping uses, this model sends the signals to huge distances with ease.

Similarly, it can pick up signals coming from miles away. This thing’s quite popular in the military as well due to its outstanding performance.

This fantastic antenna from ABBREE comes with a massive length of 42.5-inches! As soon as you install it on your BaoFeng radio, it instantly becomes a long-distance communicator.

Thanks to this considerable length, this unit manages to reach areas that other antennas fail to do so.

With its flexible design, this one can withstand a lot of roughness. Moreover, frequent bending won’t harm it either, so it’s going to last you a long time.

In addition to allowing long-distance communication, this product also does a great job of boosting the signals to make sure you enjoy seamless communication.

You might think carrying such a long antenna will be troublesome.

That would be the case if you had to transport it as it is, but fortunately, this convenient antenna can easily be folded into four pieces. Each piece will be 14.5-inches long.

Surprisingly enough, the entire thing weighs no more than 140 grams, allowing you to carry it around comfortably.

You will find this item to be perfectly compatible with a range of BaoFeng radio models. Best of all, it’s highly affordable. With so many advantages, it’s one of the most effective antennas out there.


  • Offers exceptional distance coverage
  • Super-easy to carry around even though it’s pretty long
  • Capable of boosting the signals with outstanding effectiveness
  • Designed to withstand frequent bending and the general abuse


  • The SMA connector is comparatively weak

4. Baofeng Magnetic Car Vehicle Mounted Antenna

baofeng magnetic car vehicle mounted antenna

If you want seamless transmission when you’re in a moving car, you’d require something different than the average antennas.

That’s because handheld radios cannot perform well when it’s inside the moving vehicle’s interior. It’s not a good idea to hold the radio device outside with your hands just to get a better signal!

There is a simpler solution, and that’s getting a BaoFeng Magnetic Car Vehicle Mounted Antenna.

Now, it’s a pretty short antenna, about 6-inches in size. However, it still manages to offer excellent boosting performance, allowing you to enjoy clearer communication every time. That’s not what makes it so appealing.

This model comes with a magnetic mount. With it, you can easily place it on top of your vehicle.

It will stay there firmly, ready to pick up and transmit signals without facing any obstacle. You can connect this thing to your BaoFeng radio via a long cable so that you can communicate seamlessly while sitting inside your vehicle.

Thanks to the ability to work with both UHF and VHF frequencies, this thing is quite versatile. In addition to that, it offers a gain of up to 3.0 dBi, which is decent for allowing you to engage in noise-free communication.  

With so many features and reliable performance, this is undoubtedly a great antenna. It’s pretty cheap too, so you won’t have to invest all that much money either. You will get plenty of durability out of it as well.


  • The magnetic mount keeps it firmly attached to the vehicle
  • Provides decent boosting of the signals for offering reliable transmission
  • Pretty lightweight and compact for fitting any vehicle
  • Allows you to operate the radio without reaching out of the vehicle


  • Not suitable for picking up long-distance signals

5. Bingfu Dual Band SMA Female Antenna 

bingfu dual band sma female antenna

We’ve got another mountable Antenna that is sure to enhance your radio’s performance significantly.

You’ll be surprised by how much it improves the receiving and transmitting of the signals.

This is a powerful mountable antenna from Bingfu that will improve your radio communication experience.

Coming with a magnetic base, you can easily set it up in your workplace, on top of your vehicle, your home, or just about anywhere you want.

It will make sure the antenna doesn’t fall off easily. Once mounted, you can quickly connect it to your radio using the 10 feet cable that comes with it.

The best thing about this model is the fantastic gain that it offers. Providing an outstanding gain of 8 dBi, it will be amplifying the signals with incredible efficiency. Which means it’s capable of picking up the weakest signals and boosting them to offer you much clearer results.

Thanks to the 12.5-inches length, this unit offers surprisingly extended coverage.

It’s been tested to go as far as 10kms! The range depends on the obstacles, but if that’s minimal, you’ll get to easily communicate with people who are miles away from your location!

The performance is further enhanced by the two oscillators and the Omni-directional feature.

This product is designed to be perfectly compatible with various radio models, including BaoFeng, Kenwood, WOUXUN, Linton, etc. So, you can go for it if you’ve got any of those radios.


  • A powerful antenna that significantly enhances the signals
  • Allows you to communicate easily with distant communicators
  • Easy to set up with the mounting base and the 10ft. cable
  • Designed to last a long time as it can withstand a lot of roughness


  • The magnetic base should’ve been stronger

Things You Should Consider Before Buying an Antenna for Baofeng

A good antenna makes your radio work a lot better. So, it is vital that you choose the right one for your BaoFeng device.

As the market is filled with many inferior antennas that look just like any other units, it can be challenging to buy the best one, especially if you’re new at this.

That doesn’t mean you’d have to worry at all since you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched a lot to find out the most functional radio antennas for BaoFeng radios, and we know exactly what to look for.

Now, we’re going to fill you in on the exact things that make an antenna worth buying. So, stick with us!


If you want the antenna to work flawlessly with your BaoFeng radio, then it must be perfectly compatible with the device.

Otherwise, no matter how good the antenna is, it would be utterly useless to you. You can tell whether the antenna is compatible with the radio by checking the connectors of the radio.

The manufacturers and salespersons will be more than willing to let you know about the compatibility as well, so finding that out shouldn’t be a problem.

Just make sure you get a compatible one if you don’t want to regret your purchase. All of the antennas that we’ve reviewed fit any of the BaoFeng models!


The power of the antenna depends on the size of it. Yup, size does matter in this case! The longer ones offer better reach while the shorter ones are good for shorter distances.

If you’re an outside user who requires more distance coverage, you’d have to get longer antennas. However, they’re harder to carry around due to their extra length. So, they aren’t as portable.

Now, if you want something that’s easy to carry, you’d like the ones that are compact and lightweight. They won’t reach that far, but in general cases, their distance coverage is good enough.


The efficiency of your antenna depends a lot on the gain, which is measured in decibel or dBi. You will get better performance from an antenna that comes with a higher gain.

Antennas with higher gain are more directive. They’re capable of reaching further distances.

Additionally, they are also better at picking up weak signals. In that sense, gain also determines how powerful your antenna will be. That’s why it’s always a good idea to go for higher gains. But that would also mean paying more.

At the end of the day, it depends on your needs. If you need more power, then opt for an antenna with a higher gain. Otherwise, the average ones will do.  


It goes without saying that your antenna must be excellent at receiving the signals.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to communicate at all. You’d have a tough time understanding the messages if you have to work with poor reception. That’s why you must make sure to get a unit that offers excellent reception.

The reception quality depends on a number of things. You must make sure that it meets all the standards before buying one.


Antennas are designed to work on specific frequencies or bands – HF, VHF, and UHF. Some are capable of working on two or all three of them.

These bands offer different sets of advantages and limitations.

You should choose the one that offers the benefits that you look for. If you’re confused, 2m and 70m might be the best options for you. They are more popular nowadays.

Portability & Mounting Style

In general, the smaller units are lightweight and portable. You’d find it easy to transport then.

They will stay with you no matter where you go. They usually don’t come with any mounting feature.

The longer units tend to be heavier and, therefore, harder to carry. So, they often feature fixed mounting bases to make them easier to carry.

The most popular mounting style is magnetic bases. They can be easily set up anywhere you like. The magnets will make sure they don’t fall or slip off.

Now, these items come with long cables that are used to connect them to the radio unit. Their popularity stems from the fact that they’re super-easy to install and work with.


The more you use the antenna, the more stressed out it will be. They can easily get bent and damaged.

So, if it’s not sturdily built, you won’t get much use out of it. In addition to being made with high-quality materials, the antenna should also be soft and flexible.

Ease of Use

The antenna should be extremely easy to use for anyone. It shouldn’t be difficult at all. From installing to operating, everything should feel easy enough.

The best antennas snugly fit the radio and start transmitting and picking up signals almost right away.

Setting them up shouldn’t take too long, and removing them should be just as fast. The ones with come magnetic bases should be strong enough to stay attached firmly to the places. If it’s too difficult to use, you’d have a hard time operating it. That’d be a massive inconvenience.


Most of the antennas are incredibly affordable. Even though they offer so many advantages, they come with surprisingly cheap price tags.

So, you can enhance your radio’s performance without wasting too much money. There are some that cost a lot of money, of course, but you should be fine with the cheaper ones.

The antennas we’ve reviewed are reasonably priced, and they offer absolutely amazing value for the price. They’re highly affordable, too, so you’d be able to find one that matches your budget easily.


Read trusted user reviews about the antennas before buying. The users will tell you whether these products deliver the promised performance or not.

You’ll get to know a lot of important information about specific antennas, which will help you greatly in choosing the right one.

So, taking some time to read the reviews will be beneficial to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to Own a BaoFeng UV-5R?

Not really, no. It’s completely legal to own and use a BaoFeng UV-5R in the US despite the popular belief. However, you’re only allowed to operate this radio within the designated ham bands. It’s also illegal to get into certain business frequencies without permission. Other than that, it’s safe to use them.   

Will I Have to Buy an Adapter to Mount the Antenna?

In most cases, no, you won’t have to buy an adapter. Most of the radios either have male or female connectors nowadays that don’t need adapters.

However, there are some uncommon models that might require adapters, so you should check before buying.

Should I Get Retractable antennas?

Retractable antennas offer the combined advantages of portability and more distance coverage as you can extend them to get better reach and retract them for portability.

If that appeals to you, you can get a retractable antenna. However, please keep in mind that they tend to be flimsier and more likely to bend than others.

What is the Transmission Range of the BaoFeng UV-54?

The transmission range depends on a lot of factors like the number of obstacles, interruptions, etc.

However, when the radio gets to perform to the fullest, it can easily offer 10 to 20 kilometers of range!

What are Radio Antennas Usually Made of?

Most radio antennas are commonly made of copper tubing. Why? That’s because copper is an excellent conductor of electrical energy.

The alternate option is silver, but antennas made with silver will be extremely expensive. That’s why copper is the more popular option.

How Tall Should the Antenna be?   

The height of the antenna for BaoFeng radio can range from a few inches to a hundred feet. Taller antennas offer more distance coverage as they can pick up signals from distant locations.

So, the height depends mostly on your needs. If you want longer range, go for a tall antenna, or for shorter distance coverage, you can stick with the short antennas. 

Final Words

By the time you’re done reading, you should have enough information to go to the market and order the best antenna for BaoFeng radio.

In addition to that, we’ve also provided an extensive buying guide that is sure to help you in making the buying decision.

Remember that getting a better antenna to boost your radio’s performance is much easier than buying a new radio.

It’s also the more reasonable option due to the fact that you’ll be saving your money.

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