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5 Best Mobile Scanner Antenna for Radios July 2024

Best Mobile Scanner Antenna for Radios

mobile scanner antenna

Whether you want to listen to your favorite radio channels in your car or are one of those adventurers who love to roam the world in an RV, a mobile scanner antenna can be your best friend.

It’s also great for camping; nothing’s cooler than listening to some jazz on the radio right from your camping tent.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best mobile scanner antennas you can find on the market, what makes them unique, and how you can pick the one that suits your needs. So, stick around!


The 5 Best Mobile Scanner Antennas in 2021

Now, we’ll go in-depth into each of the mobile scanner antennas that take the lead in today’s market to give you an insight into whether they’re the perfect match for your needs.

1. Tram 1089 Mini-Magnet Scanner Antenna

tram bnc scanner mini magnet antenna

The first mobile antenna scanner on our list is the Tram 1089, and we’ve made sure that it’s a special one.

The Tram 1089 can gracefully receive both VHF and UHF frequencies, which is probably one of its most significant advantages. 

Even if the signal is weak, the Tram 1089 is capable of picking up every tiny bit of it, which can significantly improve your radio listening experience.

The gain for UHF signals is 3dbi and 14dbi for VHF, which is pretty decent.

This device has one of the strongest magnets ever in a mobile antenna, which is just another reason to love it.

You can attach it to the top of your car and go as fast as 90MPH without worrying about losing it.

However, some users reported that the antenna might occasionally come off the magnetic base, but it’s not a very frequent problem, so don’t worry.

Additionally, the Tram 1089 offers a frequency range of 800-1300MHz, a letdown considering that other mobile antennas in the same class can pick up lower frequencies.

It’s also worth noting that the Tram 1089 comes with a BNC-Male Connector, so you don’t have to purchase one separately.


  • Strong magnet
  • Does a great job at receiving VHF and UHF signals
  • Can pick up weak signals
  • BNC-Male Connector


  • The antenna may get detached from the base
  • Can’t pick up on very low frequencies

Bottom Line

Despite having a narrow frequency range, the Tram 1089 has made it to the top of our list with its strong magnet and its capability to receive weak signals.

2. Procomm Mobile Scanner Antenna

procomm vehicle mount magnet antenna

The Procomm Mobile Scanner Antenna has one of the most extended ranges in a mobile antenna. You can listen to digital systems over 30 miles away and have no problem picking up a good signal.

Moreover, it boasts a frequency range of 25-1200MHz, allowing you to listen to all of your favorite channels easily.

The Procomm scanner antenna comes with a built-in SMA connector out of the box, making the whole setup process much easier, especially if you have a radio with an SMA antenna jack.

You also get a mini magnet mount with a low loss 12ft cable, making it a breeze for you to attach the antenna on the top of your car or RV. The magnet is quite strong, and it can keep the antenna in place even when it’s windy.

Additionally, it supports multiple types of scanners, including BC-346XT, SDS100, BCD-396XT, BCD436HP, and Uniden Homepatrol scanners.


  • Compatible with many scanners
  • Features a built-in antenna jack
  • Long frequently range
  • Compact design


  • Low-quality connector wire

Bottom Line

If you want a long-range mobile antenna with a compact design, the Procomm Mobile Antenna is precisely what you’re looking for.

3. Onlineservice-usa Telescopic Antennas

online service usa telescopic antenna

The Onlinservice-usa antenna pair of telescopic antennas is one of the cheapest mobile scanner antenna models you can get.

Yet, you won’t be missing out on much since this pair of antennas is pretty much on par with other more expensive antennas.

And the best part is that you get not only one, but two antennas. Why the second one, you may ask? Well, you can either use it as a backup antenna or as a secondary one for a signal boost.

Not to mention, these antennas can make an excellent replacement for PA systems, sound/voice machines, and VHF/UHF wireless systems. Their broad frequency range of 25-1300MHz also allows you to listen to dozens of channels hassle-free.

Oh, and it’s even compatible with a wide variety of radio makes, including Radio Shack, Regency, GRE, and RELM. Basically, any radio that uses a BNC type male antenna will work great with the onlineservice-usa antennas.


  • Very affordable 
  • Wide frequency range
  • Compatible with many radio brands
  • Excellent reception 
  • Two antennas for the price of one


  • Not very durable

Bottom Line

The Onlineservice-usa Telescopic Antennas give you an excellent bang for your buck by offering double mobile antennas for the price of one.

4. Bingfu Mobile Radio Scanner

bingfu mobile radio scanner

One of the features that make the Bingfu Mobile Radio Scanner stand out from the crowd is that it’s omnidirectional, which means it can receive a high-quality signal from virtually all horizontal directions without having to change its direction.

Moreover, it flaunts a wide frequency range that goes from as low as 25 MHz all the way up to 1200 MHz so that you can listen to all of your favorite radio stations.

  And don’t worry about stability – the 1.2-inch magnetic base provides the antenna with high stability that keeps it in place to prevent the signal from weakening.

Additionally, this scanner antenna is equipped with a high-quality spring oscillator, which ensures consistent signal reception by drastically improving its strength.

The Bingfu Mobile Radio Scanner offers compatibility with a wide variety of receiver models like Wilson, Uniden, Whistler, and Kenwood. Not to mention, it’s compatible with several types of radios, including two-way radios, car radios, and FM Radio transmitters.

At just 78 grams, it’s also pretty lightweight, and it won’t make your backpack much heavier. It’s also worth noting that the Bingfu Mobile Radio Scanner comes with a long 10-feet cable that allows you to place it in more locations.


  • Omnidirectional signal reception 
  • Compatible with various radio types and models
  • Long transmission cable
  • Premium spring oscillator with high-quality signal reception


  • The connector is a bit loose

Bottom Line

With a wide range of compatible radios, a long cable, and an omnidirectional signal reception, the Bingfu Mobile Radio Scanner is hard to beat.

5. Tram 1411 Scanner Antenna

tram 1411 scanner antenna

We’re ending our reviews on a high note with the Tram 1411, with its rust-proof stainless steel structure that provides us with an unprecedented level of durability and strength.

It also supports a wide frequency range of 25-1300MHz, offering you a wide range of radio channels. 

This antenna is perfect for various purposes, including dual bander, CB multi-bands, and wireless and remote control phones.

At a low-frequency range of 25-300Mhz, the antenna’s gain is exceptional. It’s not as good at higher frequencies, but it should be sufficient for scanner mode.

According to some, the antenna does a great job picking UHF and VHF radio frequencies only if placed at a high location. It doesn’t perform as well when it’s mounted low with many structures around.

Furthermore, the antenna is pretty compact, allowing you to install it anywhere you want, even if you’re limited on space. What’s even better is that it only weighs 2.74 lbs, making it quite portable.


  • Compact design
  • Sturdy rust-free stainless steel structure
  • Wide frequency range
  • Great for VHF and UHF bands


  • Must be placed at high locations
  • Below average gain at higher frequencies

Bottom Line

The Tram 1411 Scanner Antenna is the most durable mobile antenna you can find on the market.

Final Words

When all is said and done, we’ll wrap up our guide with a couple of recommendations to make the selection process easier for you.

We really like the Tram 1089 Mini-Magnet Scanner Antenna. The strong magnet, coupled with its excellent signal reception, has made it get to the top of our list as the best mobile scanner antenna.

Alternatively, you can opt for the Onlineservice-usa Telescopic Antennas if you want a pair of antennas that won’t cost you more than a few bucks and still get a wide frequency range and broad compatibility.

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